Skjorten og den med prikkerne fra GROBUND sammen med basistop i shark. Økologisk bomuld, GOTS certificeret og bæredygtig
GROBUND Katrine og Mette

Katrine Zederkof

Founder & Owner

Mette Andersen

Founder & Owner


Slow fashion for the modern, conscious woman. It’s sustainable quality clothing for the well-balanced, independent woman, who is not afraid to follow her heart rather than the rapidly changing fashion trends. All styles are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton or wool and produced in Europe with respect for the environment as well as the workers.

Born in 2016, GROBUND was founded by two passionate women to provide conscious consumers with a wide-ranging sustainable alternative to today’s fast fashion. The brand is more than organic basics. It’s a complete organic wardrobe designed for work as well as leisure. All styles are made of the softest GOTS-certified organic cotton or wool and designed and produced to last for several seasons. That’s what GROBUND calls common sense!